About Us


Asharq News is a 24/7 Arabic multiplatform news service reaching across the Arab world and beyond with a unique approach: news and in-depth analysis reported through the prism of the economy to empower people in their everyday lives.

The Asharq News experience is delivered through a dedicated television channel, as well as multiple digital platforms, offering continuous insights into the people, events, organisations and ideas that impact the MENA region and international markets.

An exclusive content agreement with Bloomberg, the business and financial information news leader, will power a key component, Asharq Business, drawing on Bloomberg’s comprehensive coverage from more than 2,700 journalists and analysts globally.

Asharq Business with Bloomberg aims to become the premier Arabic-language business news provider, using multiple platforms to reach business leaders, as well as a younger generation that understands the importance of global economic, financial and corporate information. The Asharq Business television and digital teams will have syndication access to Bloomberg’s extensive financial and economic content, analysis and market data, curating translated stories from Bloomberg for its platforms.

Headquartered in Dubai International Financial Centre in the UAE with bureaus across select capitals of the region and around the world, Asharq News is an independent media entity owned by Asharq News Services Limited, a Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)-registered company and subsidiary of Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG). SRMG, the Middle East’s biggest publishing group, owns more than 12 publications, including Asharq Al-Awsat, Arab News and Aleqtisadiah.

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