Program Editor

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Job Objectives:

- To improve News bulletins ratings & produce a targeted number of News bulletins hours in agreed timeframe and budget

- To increase  News bulletins market share in terms of share of audience in existing and new markets

- To produce a targeted number of news bulletins hours in agreed timeframe and budget

- Ensure that News bulletins’ production is of high-quality content

- To minimize overhead costs

- To maximize capacity utilization and thus minimize capital requirements for the news bulletins’ production across all assets and so to ensure that unnecessary assets are disposed

- To assure that all activities within the department are in accordance with the Channel’s Editorial Policies and guidelines

Main Responsibilities:

- Co-prepare news bulletins monthly schedule with News Director

- Assign bulletin’ stories to producers and their writer/reporters and ensure they are provided with proper editorial angles

- Follow-up on all news bulletins and programs production details; editorial judgment & approval, running order, crawlers' priorities, SAT booking, and live transmission

- Supervise the daily production of news bulletins

- Provide coaching for staff to improve their editorial capabilities

- Check the quality of produced stories and reports developed internally and  from bureaus editorially before going live

-  Participate in any new program ideas generation brainstorming sessions, testing and filtering them against time-slot, competitive trends, target audience, and corporate strategic objectives, costing & budgeting and provide initial editorial approval


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