Editor - News Desk (Dubai)

Job OverView

·          Supervising on the implementation of news digital content strategies and priorities that will achieve targeted growth for the company as defined within the Company’s corporate strategy

·          Reviewing the strategic objectives of digital platform and make sure that such objectives are fully aligned with the company’s strategy

·          Supervising on achieving financial targets by each channel as per defined action plans deployed by each channel’s director.

·          Work closely with the Executive Editor to develop the digital content editorial guidelines after consulting with both the GM

·          Prepare Digital Business news monthly schedule

·          Assign stories to digital producers, social media producers & multimedia producers and ensure they are provided with proper editorial angles

·          Follow-up on digital production details; editorial judgment & approval, running order.

·          Supervise the daily production of digital business News

·          Maintain close contacts and relations with key list for interviews in the region which provides news with continuous breaking news leads

·          Provide training for staff to improve their editorial capabilities

·          Check the quality of produced stories and reports developed internally and from bureaus editorially before going live

·          Decide on the switch between breaking news presentation based on circumstances

·          Develop and implement procedures to improve productivity

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