Senior Engineer - Radio (Dubai)

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  •  To Manage the technical, maintenance, broadcasting processes and functions related to Radio
  • To minimize broadcast risk and critical system risk across all platforms and ensure sharp decline (30%) in all levels of faults (broadcast and non-broadcast)
  • To ensure budget targets are met and further to reduce expenditure across all operations
  • To have automated/intelligent backup systems that ensures transmission and broadcasting continuity in case of any failure that encounters the broadcasting chain.
  • To ensure that broadcasting and maintenance procedures are satisfying ITIL International Certification requirements 
  • To assure that all activities within department are in accordance with Channel’s Policies
  • Manage the installation of new stations, operational and maintenance activities
  • Setup Radio studio with all needed equipment and technologies
  • Coordinate with station staff to improve service quality and breakdowns
  •  Coordinate the maintenance and projects units to minimize any disruption to the normal workflow of the station
  • Deal with outside organizations to fulfill the technical requirements of the station
  • Lead technical evaluation for each project, procurement of equipment from home and abroad, procurement of spare parts, technical correspondences with external agencies

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